Abstract pour conference Vélo-city

Version (avec des toutes petites corrections) de l’abstarct soumis le 10/11/2019 à la conference international Vélo-city 2-5 June 2020 Ljubljana.

Dans les categories: Sharing Public Space, Connecting People

SunriseRide urbaine 16 Juin 2019

SunriseRiding: a Beautiful and Powerful Insight on Future City

Barbara Crimi

Volunteer at Vélocité Grand Montpellier association, and Le Vieux Biclou, Montpellier France

#SunriseRide is a journey within urban or rural areas, starting at dawn or at the very first sun beam. It represents a metaphorical and philosophical means to promote cycling, meditate on infrastructures and connect people with different cycling backgrounds and experiences.

For a good part of the year riding on Sunday at dawn is a smart and convenient trick to hack the bicycle to cars ratio. SunriseRides are designed in a spatial and temporal dimension with the best trade-off in terms of safety. These group-rides, with a Gandhian approach, elude competition for urban zones with motorised traffic, and the hostility that might come from it. As a result, SunriseRiders quietly and peacefully conquer public space in the city. The worse the cycling infrastructures chosen, the bigger and more profound are wonder and awareness generated by the Ride. Public spaces which are typically congested by traffic appear accessible for movement and view, opening a new insight on the city.

Incidentally, but very beneficially for cycling promotion,  these moments appear to be beautiful, energetic and powerful. Communication around these actions has something magical and often appeals also to people who typically do not cycle. Inspired by the Italian SunriseBikeRide, re-born within the effervescent #JeSuisUnDesDeux movement in Montpellier, this event is now spreading in France and abroad. In 2019 SunriseRides have brought several people to meet and cycle at dawn, not only in Montpellier but also in Paris, Dunkerque, Toulouse, Bruxelles, Nice, connecting people around cycling. Not less important, as inclusion is also about details, in Montpellier different kinds of SunriseRides have been organised:  kid friendly, women friendly, woman only and so on, with the goal of promoting inclusion. 

Every illuminated mayor who will try a SunriseRide is going to fight for more space for cycling in their city.

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